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 - will raise your standard of health to correct...
will raise your standard of health to correct cajtarrh. Shun alcoholic mixturet and iiuitt on SCOTT'S tV?4 (titer's last Saturday night and Sun day. Grace and Sylvia Skinner were the guests of Maude and Ijeulali Flcenor i nday. Mr. Porter has moved on the Davis farm recently. Jessie Patterson was the guest of Mettle Bradford Thursday. John Fleenor lias been repairing a violin for Itunnie Trimble. Mr. Fleenor says if you want any violin repairing done just call on him. We are having some real large frosts in this locality which are not very good on the garden "sass" that is up. . Jessie Iixon was the guest of Maude Fleenor Friday night. Kill Mills has been visiting at II. G Fleenor's the past week. The freeze the other night killed the peaches and a greater part of the apples and pears. Quite a number of the people from this part went to the forks of the creek Sunday, 12th, to spend Kaster. Among tliein were Madames Mollie Connor and Anna Hostetter, Misses Mary and Jessie IHxon, Maude Fleenor, Nancy and Lucy Van, Maude Hostetter, Mary l'orter, Loraine and Goldie MedkilT, Grace and Dollie Fleming, Floss and Levari Connor, and Lola Patterson; Messrs. Clarence and Tom Van, Guy, Lee and Kay McCalllster. Kubeii and Ciillord Medic I IT, Frank and Leslie Fleming, Hor-ton Connor, Glen Van,, and Tom Patterson. All report an excellent time with lots of good grub. Some took a boat ride which was great sport, especially Clifford's ride. .1. S. Fleenor was visit ing friends near Ty rone Sunday night. ('. K. Iixon lias a sick mare, also had the misfortune to lose a lino colt. David llobson ami wile visited at Limisey Lay's Sunday. George lioone and .lames Bradford left Monday lor California to seek a fortune. Good luck to you, Ixiys. Margrette Hoone visited at C. K. Dixon's Friday. II. G. Fleenor and wife visited at llerschel Dixon's Sunday. James lioone was a pleasant caller at Lindsey Lay's Sunday. Harmon Fleenor and Hill Mills assisted ( barley Dixon with ids farm work Monday. Kettle DuulTan helped Fannie Lay with her work Friday. Mary Fleenor was a welcome guest at J. S. Fleenor's Friday. Marshal Stockton was quite sick last week, but is up again. Lthel Dixon is teaching a spring term of school at the Houston school F.thel and Frank ie Dixon were vis itiug at II. A. Dixon's Sunday. Hay lirown and Virgil Stockton are working for Chris Perkins. Hazel Mills visited at Mintle Slock ton's Sunday. : as. State cf Ohio, City of Toledo, t.urftrt County. Krank J. Cheney ninkM oath that h la senior partner of tlm firm of P. J. Chfney A Co., doing btiHlni'Hft In tho City of To-i.-J.j, Cuunly hi m1 S;at. .lfor.'s;i! J, a::, I thaf said Arm will pnv the sum of ONE HUNDRED DOI,I,AKH for pui-Ii unil ev-rry case of Catarrh that runnot he curnil by the use of HAM8 CATARRH Cf'KK. FRANK J. CHENKY. Hwnrn 1o before nut and tubm-rHieri In my presence, tills 6th day of December, A. u. VBSn. (Seal) A. W. OT.EAROV. Notary Public. Hall'a Catarrh Cure la taken tnti-nuilly and acta directly upon the blood and mu-coua aurfarea of the ayatem. Bend for testimonial, free P. 1. CHENEY CO . Toledo, O. Bold bv all Drtigitliit, Vie. Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation. ORDER OF PUBLICATION. State of Missouri, County of Tetss, 1 " In tbe clroult oourt for Texas county, June term, 1(14 John M. Zlranhky, plaintiff, vs The unknown tary and Involuntary grantees of Maggie Perkins, deceased, defendants. Suit to Vulet it- He. The State of Missouri, to the above named defendant Greeting: Now here this 14th day of April, 1914, In vacation of droult court for Tetas county, Missouri, before June term, l'.ii, of said circuit oourt, comes plaintiff herein bv attorney of record herein, before said clerk and on behalf of plaintiff flies petition Insult herein, and also affidavit of plaintiff herein, among other mat ters of aotion alleging: that te verily believes there are persons Interested fn the subject matter ot tbla petition whose names he cannot Insert herein for. the reason that they are un known to him; that the Interest, If any, of the unknown persona and the manner In which (he same Is derived la as follows, which Is as near ly oorroct and aa full as plaintiff Is able to give The Interest, If any, of the unknown heirs, con sort, deflsees, donees, alienees, and Immediate, mesne, remote, voluntary and Involuntary gran-t eea ef the said Levi Lovett, deoeasod, la an ap parent fee simple title derived by inheritance, devise, or operation ot law from the aald Levi Lovett, deceaaed; that the said Levi Lovett, 1 n bis life-time, secured title from the United states of America to the South Halt of the North West Quarter and the Norlb East Quarter of the South West Quarter of Section Eleven (11), Township Thirty (30), Range Twelve (14.) Plaintiff further states that the Interest of the said N. O. Hart, If living, Is an apparent right, title or claim derived from a Sheriff's Deed executed on the 18th day of November, lt$, and recorded tc Book O, at Page 1(0, and If dead, then his heirs, consort, devisees, donees, alienees, and Immediate, mesne, remote, voluntary nd Involuntary grantees, would claim said estate, title or Interest by devise. Inheritance or operation ot law. Plaintiff fuitber states that the Interest, It any, of tnessld Uaggle Perklna, It living, Is an apparent right, Interest or eatate derived by deed duly executed ou the Sth day of December, l:4, and recorded In Book 34, at Page US; ard If dead, then ber heirs, consort, devisees, donees, alienees, and Immediate, mesne, remote, voluntary and Involuntary grantees, would claim said estate by devise, Inheritance or operation of law. Plaiatlfl further aiatea that tbe Interest, If any, ot the respective heirs, consorts, devisees, donees, alienees, and Immediate, mesae, remote, vol on tar j and Involuntary grantees of the said Levi Lovett. deceased, N. G. Hart, deceas ed, and Maggie Perkins, deceased, la a right, title or Interest of, in and to the above described lands derived from the ssld Levi Lovett, N. Hart and Maggie Perkins as their unknown belrt, consorts, devisees, donees, alienees, and Immediate, mene, remote, voluntary and Involuntary grantees. Plaintiff further states that be and those un der whom be claims title have been In the open, exclusive, continuous, undisputed, peaceable, hostile and adverse possession of tbe land aoove described for more than ten years, claiming to own the same and paying taxes on the same. Plaintiff further states tbat the unknown heirs, consort, devisees, doness, alienees, and Immediate, mesne, remote, voluntary and Involuntary grantees ot Levi Lovett, deceaaed; N. U. Hart, If living, and If dead then the unknown heirs, consort, devisees, donees, alienees, and Immediate, meane, remote, voluntary and Involuntary granteea of the said N. U. Hart, deceased;" " Han, wife ot tue said N. O. Hart; James Freeman; William A. Johnson; John Larkln; and Maggie Perkins, If living, and If dead then the unknown heirs, consort, devisees, donees, alienees, and Immediate, mesne, remote, voluntary and involuntary granteea of tho said Maggie Perklna, deceased, are nos-resldents of uie State of ailssouil, residing out- side of the ssld Stale of Missouri, and cannot be served In tbls State with the ordinary process of law. It Is therefore ordered by said clerk that said defendants be notified by publication that plaintiff by petition herein died of date April II, l'Jl, has commooced against said deraadanu an ac tion at law, tbe Immediate object and general nature of which Is to enforce and establish lawful right, claim and demand to and against certain real property within the Jurisdiction of said oourt, tu-wlt, an autlon to quiet title to the South half of the North West quarter and the North East quarter of Ihe South West quarter and the NonU West quarter of the South hast quarter, all In Section Eleven (II), Township Thirty (3Ui. Kange Twelve (U West, contain ing One Hundred Mlxty acres, more or less. And it Is turtner so ordered tnat said defendants be snd appear In thla court on the first day of the next term thereof to be holden at the ouy or Houston, Texaa county, Mlssoui 1, on Monday, the I'nh day of June, 101. and then and there answer or plead to said petition, or In default therein said petition will be taken and aajudgrd as confessed, and Judgment by de fault will be rendered agalnstsald defendants It Is further so ordered that a copy hereof be published at least once a week for four con-sscutlte weehaio the Houston Herald, a week ly newspaper duly printed, published and circulated la aald Texas oountv. and duly designated by plaintiff attorney, and duly approved by said clerk as most likely to give notice te defendants, the last Insertion to be at least 30 daja before said next term of said oourt JOKC. RTITKS. Clerk of theUlrouil Court. State of Missouri, Counir of Texas. -as I. Joe (,'. Stltes. clerk of the circuit oourt of Texas county, Missouri, hereby cerury taat

Clipped from
  1. The Houston Herald,
  2. 23 Apr 1914, Thu,
  3. Page 6

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